Why HR+

Why HR+

At HR+ we provide expert support and offer a range of resources so you can pursue a career right here in Tasmania

We work closely with Rustica, UTAS, GPTT and stay up to date on changes in government policy so we can help you when it’s time to find your ideal job.

Once qualified, we can assist you with a range of financial support programs to help you relocate and become established in a rural location in Tasmania.

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We can help you:

  • access non-clinical resources, workshops and contacts throughout your years of study at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and during hospital rotations
  • join the John Flynn Placement Program
  • gain valuable knowledge via the GP Taster weekend
  • find your ideal job in Tasmania
  • understand your role if you are studying under the Bonded Medical Places Program

We provide you with help and support from the intern years through to retirement, from considering moving to Tasmania to settling into your new practice and community.

Free expert support

You might be asking, “It all sounds really good, so how much does it cost for your recruitment and placement services?”

HR+ is a not-for-profit contracted by the Australian and Tasmanian governments to recruit and retain the best medical professionals, people like you, so our recruitment and support services are completely FREE of charge.

Aurora Australis Tasmania

The best Australian GP and Allied Health jobs and a fantastic lifestyle awaits you here in beautiful Tasmania

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