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Why Tasmania

Why Tasmania

Welcome to Tasmania!

Imagine waking up every morning with a sense of wellbeing and knowing you are part of a safe and supportive community. Knowing that you are minutes away from everything and that you have time to enjoy life.

So if you are wondering "Why Tasmania?", below are some reasons why...

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Way too beautiful

Stunning beaches and coastline, rugged nature, a haven for wildlife, tons of national parks and World Heritage sites to explore make Tasmania a truly beautiful place. You can live your entire life here and still find new exciting things to discover and explore… and you are breathing the freshest air in the world.

Very affordable lifestyle

Tasmania is probably the cheapest state in Australia to buy a property. You can find fantastic properties, in idyllic locations at a fraction of the cost compared to Australia’s capital cities.

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The foodies' and wine connoisseurs' Mecca

When it comes down to the finest produce, Tasmania has it all. Top restaurants, world-class wineries and fantastic gourmet experiences. Living in Tasmania offers you access to prime organic produce, true farmers' markets, a multitude of food festivals and so much more. You can eat, drink and enjoy the good things in life.

Booming art and culture scene

Tens of thousands of ‘mainlanders’ (people from the other side of Bass Strait) continue to flock to the island every year to enjoy the Tasmanian cultural scene. There are lots of music events, art exhibitions, theatre performances and festivals all year round.

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Where else would you rather be but in Tasmania?

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Enjoy life!

Here you have time, and how precious is that?! You can finish work, take the kids to sports or music lessons, go out with your partner for dinner, to the movies afterwards and by the time you finish it's still probably 9:30 pm, just in time for an extra glass of Pinot or a cuppa. Life is too short to not enjoy it.

You are close to everything

To be honest, traffic jam is not a common term around here. Tasmania is not that big, so getting around the island is very easy (and have we mentioned the breathtaking scenery?). A drive home from work is definitely over in a few minutes, so you have more time to live. You are also close to airports with only a 1-hour flight to mainland Australia.

HR+ has supported me over the years with securing a job here in Tasmania and with my relocation from the UK. They helped with my settlement into the community, my registration and visa requirements and nothing was ever too much trouble. Tasmania has been a perfect place to stay and raise a family, it’s a great place to explore and there is always something to do. I now have my own business and HR+ continues to support me with my recruitment needs. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Natasha Mackinnon

Therapy Director/Physiotherapist - Engage Therapy

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You make a real difference in the community

Because we are small (the state’s entire population is 1/4 of Brisbane's population), you get a great sense of community that truly cares for one another. Being a health professional in Tasmania comes with great appreciation and respect from all members of the community.

Professional development and scholarships

HR+ offers many opportunities for training and professional development as well as scholarships programs. You can keep updated with the latest in the health care industry as well as network with your professional colleagues.

Explore Tasmania's Regions

Tasmania's regions have their own unique appeal and are packed with attractions and history. Discover more by selecting the regions on the map.

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The perfect Nursing and Allied Health jobs in Australia are right here in Tasmania! And we are here to help and support you.