Why Tasmania

Why Tasmania

Island Living

Our picturesque island state is known for its laid-back atmosphere and welcoming communities. With a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life than larger cities, Tasmania is the perfect place to achieve a better work-life balance. Imagine spending your days exploring stunning natural landscapes, and your evenings enjoying the company of friendly locals. In Tasmania, you'll find that life is truly meant to be savoured.

Immersive Interaction

Tasmania is home to a range of cultural events that are nothing short of spectacular. Whether it's the eclectic and avant-garde performances at the MONA FOMA festival or the artisanal wares on display at the Tasmanian Craft Fair, there's always something exciting happening in Tasmania's cultural scene.

We are Tasmanian

Tasmania's cultural diversity is a testament to its rich history and varied population. The state's Aboriginal heritage is a crucial aspect of its cultural identity, with ongoing efforts to preserve and promote this heritage. The cultural landscape has been shaped by the contributions of people from various backgrounds and traditions, including those who have long called Tasmania home, as well as newer arrivals who have brought with them new customs and ways of life.

HR+ has supported me over the years with securing a job here in Tasmania and with my relocation from the UK. They helped with my settlement into the community, my registration and visa requirements and nothing was ever too much trouble. Tasmania has been a perfect place to stay and raise a family, it’s a great place to explore and there is always something to do. I now have my own business and HR+ continues to support me with my recruitment needs. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Natasha Mackinnon

Therapy Director/Physiotherapist - Engage Therapy

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Make a Real Difference

We are Australia's smallest and most southern state with a population of around 550,000 in a land size comparable to Switzerland. You get a great sense of community that truly cares for one another. Being a health professional in Tasmania comes with great appreciation and respect from all members of the community.

Professional development and scholarships

HR+ offers many opportunities for training and professional development as well as scholarships programs. You can keep updated with the latest in the health care industry as well as network with your professional colleagues.

The perfect Nursing and Allied Health jobs in Australia are right here in Tasmania! And we are here to help and support you.

Explore Tasmania's Regions

Tasmania's regions have their own unique appeal and are packed with attractions and history. Discover more by selecting the regions on the map.