Why HR+

Why HR+

We are committed to support practices to be the best they can be so they can provide great services to the community

From recruiting new team members to assisting practice managers implement health and wellbeing programs, we offer a vast array of services to you.

If you are looking at improving your practices, below are just some of the ways we can help you:

  • one-to-one coaching
  • conferences and professional development events
  • networking and forums

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We also assist practice managers:

  • practice manager orientation program
  • join the practice managers' email network
  • implement human resource strategies
  • implement health and wellbeing programs
  • prepare for general practice accreditation
  • and much more…

We have expert team members and a vast bank of resources to help in your day-to-day job.

We provide you with help and support from recruiting medical professionals to providing a vast array of resources for your practice to be the best it can be.

Free expert support

You might be asking, “It all sounds really good, so how much does it cost for your recruitment and placement services?”

HR+ is a not-for-profit contracted by the Australian and Tasmanian governments to recruit and retain the best medical professionals, people like you, so our recruitment and support services are completely FREE of charge.

Aurora Australis Tasmania

The best Australian GP, nursing and allied health jobs are right here in beautiful Tasmania

Recruit with us

HR+ has provided me with valuable resources, professional development support and mentoring in my role as Practice Manager. I truly appreciate HR+ and am very thankful for their support.

Natasha Lawrence

Practice Manager - Northern Midlands Medical Service

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We can offer great support for your practice.

If you have a question or wish to discuss how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.