About the Program

The HR+ Disability Self-Management Program offers, through financial intermediary services and payroll/recruitment,  support and peace of mind to eligible participants in the NDIS in the day to day self management of their human resources and employment activities. 

We can provide assistance and direction throughout the recruitment process and for the entire employment cycle.  Your staff management plan will be uniquely tailored to your needs and will establish an ongoing framework, assisting you to assemble the best support team with your budgeted funds. Our finance team also offers financial intermediary services for Tasmanian NDIS participants, either as a standalone service or bundled with your staffing/payroll package. 

Our aim is to allow you to employ the care and support team that best meets your needs – giving you control while simplifying the process. 

Financial intermediary services to NDIS participants

Our finance team is registered with the NDIS as financial intermediaries.  This means that we can access your NDIS funding on your behalf, via the portal, to complete payments to your chosen providers of supports. Having a financial intermediary frees up your time to focus on day to day tasks, while we ensure that your providers are paid on time, every time.  This means you will never have to worry about interruption to your services resulting from non payment of accounts.  We also provide regular reports at agreed intervals so that you can see how your budget is tracking throughout the duration of your NDIS plan. 

You can focus on getting the most from the NDIS services available to you, while we handle the hassle.

Why would I want to hire my own disability support team?

The most important difference between hiring your own team of support workers, and relying on labour hire firms, is control.  You can:

- hire people who fit with your lifestyle and personality
- decide what hours they will work
- select what training you would like them to have
- consider what tasks they need to complete to enable you to live life fully
- you may find that you save money, allowing you to invest in staff development or additional support hours.

Our processes are empowering, inclusive, and liberating.  You choose how involved you want to be in the recruiting process, for example whether you want to be included in all the interviews,  only in the final approval stage, or not involved at all.  We partner closely with you to ensure a good fit between your team and you, and continue to work with you after your team starts, to assist with building the skills needed to manage people – mentoring your first staff meeting for example. 

What are the disadvantages?

As you become an employer, you will need to accept the responsibilities that go hand in hand with the benefits of having your own team.  These include for example – paying superannuation, paying PAYG tax, taking out workers compensation insurance.  But we are here to help you with that too. 

Whether you already have a team in place, or are just starting with the process of employing support staff, we can assist you to put in place the correct processes to ensure payroll compliance,  such as getting a withholding payer number.  We even handle your payroll – all you need to do is send us your staff’s timesheets, and we will ensure that they are paid on time, their tax is withheld and paid to the ATO, and their superannuation is paid.

We look forward to meeting you, your place or ours, to discuss your goals and how we can assist you to reach them.  Please contact us for a completely obligation free consultation as you prepare to self manage your NDIS funding in Tasmania.

HR + is registered with the NDIS to provide financial intermediary services for NDIS participants, we also offer extensive human resources support for self managed participants in Tasmania who wish to directly employ their own support teams.