This toolbox contains a suite of tools developed for medical practices who are recruiting a new doctor to their staff.


New doctor forms and checklists 

GP Position Description

Employee Details Form

Induction Checklist for new Doctor

Tax File Number Declaration

Fair Work Information Statement - NES Standards

Medicare Form Checklist - the following are available from the Department of Human Services website

Application for an initial Medicare provider number for a medical practitioner

Application for an additional location Medicare provider number for a medical practitioner

Banking Details Online Claiming

Online Claiming Provider Agreement

Healthcare Identifiers Information (HPI-I)

Practice Incentives - Individual general practitioner details

PIP / SIP banking details request

90 Day Pay Doctor Cheques Scheme application form

ACIR Bank account details for immunisation providers

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Payment Account Details for Service Provider form

Practice Nurse Incentive Program - Individual General Practitioner Details and Declaration

Notification of ABN and Medicare Australia reference ID's for tax treatment purposes and Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) agreement

National HPV Vaccination Program - the following are available from the National HPV Vaccination Program Register

Register - Update General Practitioner Details 


Application for Online Access for General Practitioners


Note - updated rural medical practitioner credentialing information coming soon.