The attitudes and behaviours of the staff are usually a reflection of the culture of a practice. A key component in assuring staff satisfaction is to have a positive workplace, where the culture encourages, supports and values staff.

Our experienced practice support consultants can assist practice managers to develop the skills that will help create a positive workplace. 

Assisting practice managers to implement health and wellbeing programs in the workplace

HR+ can assist practices to develop and maintain a personalised health and wellness program, designed to keep their workplace healthy and productive.

This assistance may include identifying the priority health and wellbeing needs of employees and implementing strategies and activities to support a healthy workforce.

Providing support and resources for staff appraisals

As a best practice, HR+ strongly encourages practice managers to use performance appraisals to facilitate communication with their staff.

Assisting practice managers to implement human resource strategies

Strategic human resource planning is an important component of human resource management.

HR+ can assist practice managers to develop a strategic human resource plan that will allow them to make human resource management decisions now to support the future direction of the organisation. Strategic human resource planning is also important from a budgetary point-of-view so that practices can factor the costs of recruitment, training, etc. into their organisation's operating budget. 

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