Services Available

Assisting practices to create, implement and maintain operational systems

General practice is a constantly changing environment.  Our practice support consultants can assist practice managers to improve the operational systems in their practice.  It is important that processes and procedures are up to date and continually improving, so as to ensure that quality services are provided to patients and that there is efficient use of practice resources.

Assisting with the creation of Chronic Disease Management (CDM) systems

Preventative healthcare is essential to the future health of individual Tasmanians and to the Tasmanian healthcare system.  General practice plays a pivotal role to ensure better health outcomes for patients.  It is essential chronic disease is managed well in the practice and that all aspects of chronic disease are understood by the practice manager. HR+ practice support consultants can assist with the implementation of a CDM system.

Supporting practices in the monitoring of performance improvement

Our practice support consultants can provide you with strategies and tools – including the analysis of clinical data and the use of the PENCAT tool - to uncover improvement opportunities in the practice.  Monitoring performance will ultimately lead to improvement in patient health outcomes, staff job satisfaction, and practice profitability.

Supporting practices to create and maintain multi-disciplinary models within general practice

Multi-disciplinary care in general practice is the combination of allied health professionals from various disciplines working in partnership with general practitioners to deliver comprehensive health care under the one roof.  In recent times, this model of health care is referred to as ‘Patient Centred Medical Home and Integrated Care’.  It is important to understand both the patient and financial outcomes of employing this type of business model.

Assisting managers to find workplace productivity solutions

HR+ can assist practice managers to recruit administration staff and can provide training and professional development opportunities to practice managers and staff. 

Assisting with the set-up of management, clinical and staff meetings

To ensure transparent communication across all areas of the practice and that meetings are utilised to communicate and action relevant tasks.

Developing policy and procedures using current and new templates

HR+ can provide templates which can be customised to suit the requirements of the practice. Developing and maintaining compliant policies and procedures is a necessary adjunct to achieving a high standard of operational systems across the practice.

Supporting practices to prepare for General Practice Accreditation

All Australian general practices are required to meet the RACGP Standards for general practices in order to maintain accreditation status.  HR+ can assist practices to prepare for accreditation by providing templates, interpretive guidance to the standards, accreditation checklist organisation and through practice visit assessments.

Assistance and training in the use of Medicare item numbers and working within Medicare legislation parameters

To assist practice managers in utilising the correct billing procedures and item numbers in accordance with Medicare legislation.  Medicare reforms are ongoing in general practice and keeping abreast of these changes is a vital part of practice management.

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