Are you interested in a career as a disability support worker? 

HR+ invites expressions of interest from people interested in joining our registry of disability support workers.

While qualifications such as a Certificate III in Disability will be highly regarded, ultimately it’s who you are that will make you a great support worker.


You will be empathetic and patient, and be prepared to learn unique ways of communicating. 

You will be prepared to allow the person you are supporting to be as independent as possible, and encourage them to try new things.  You will also encourage, and find ways, for them to interact with members of the community – not just the disability community.

You will understand, or be willing to learn, the principles of empowerment, and you will understand that, regardless of disability, the person you are supporting has hopes and dreams of their own which you will be privileged to help them achieve.

You must be teachable and willing to learn. You will think “can” before “can’t”.

You will understand and apply important safety and sometimes medical information.

You will partner with the person you are supporting and their loved ones.

You can think creatively, and you have a good sense of humour. 

You will understand that behaviour which may seem ‘difficult’ is usually a way, and sometimes the only way the person knows, to communicate.


Ethics guide your choices in life, and this will be reflected in each and every shift you work.

People comment on your common sense, reliability and cool head under pressure.

You have strong personal values around privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Lastly, you have a burning desire to assist and make a difference in the world.


Does this sound like you? We'd love to chat further so please get in touch with us via