Plan Management & Support Co-ordination for NDIS participants

HR+ administers the Disability Self-Management Program for Tasmanian NDIS participants.  

This means that we can provide NDIS plan management (also known as financial intermediary services) and support coordination (also known as coordination of supports)  along with assistance with the direct recruitment of workers and ongoing payroll administration. Directly employing your own support team provides the ultimate in choice and control as you select the people that you wish to surround yourself (or the person with a disability that you care for) with. 

Plan management services ensure that your providers are paid on time, every time and that you do not have to deal with interruptions to service resulting from non-payment of accounts. Regular reports ensure that you know where your money has been spent and how your budget is looking as the plan progresses. We embrace capacity building, where the participant or their representative is looking to self-manage their own NDIS plan in the future. 

Support coordination is, at its simplest,  the activation of your plan - interpreting your plan, connecting you with providers, helping you to set up the NDIS portal, assisting with negotiations, monitoring progress towards your goals, and helping you to think creatively about your future goals and how to achieve them.  Your support coordinator will also help you to prepare for plan reviews and interact with the NDIS. 

We take pride in being independent in our activities, as we do not provide direct support services.

As a not for profit from outside the disability sector we bring fresh eyes, optimism and excitement!