Call our GP locum placement consultant to discuss your specific requirements

There will be occasions when your practice needs a GP Locum to assist with holiday coverage or unexpected absences within the practice - and we can help.

Our GP locum consultant has a wide network of motivated GPs interested in undertaking locum placements in Tasmania. Our services include:

  • Checking current registration status
  • Checking whether the locum has the requisite skills to obtain Clinical Privileges with the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Matching dates and times to meet your needs
  • Advice on travel and accommodation requirements

HR+ Locum Support Program

Did you know that all rural general practices in RA3 locations and above are eligible to apply for a HR+ locum subsidy when they have directly incurred the cost of employing a locum to cover their permanent GPs when they take leave from the practice? The subsidy operates on a sliding scale depending on the number of GPs in your town.

Number of GPs in rural town Days available per financial year Total subsidy available per financial year
One 21 $4,500
Two 21 $3,300
Three or more 21 $600

Assistance is also available for accommodation and transport expenses.

To book a locum or for further information regarding GP locum recruitment for Tasmanian medical practices, please email or phone 03 6332 8600.