What you need to do when considering working as a GP in Tasmania

GP Applicants

GP Applicants

If you are a doctor considering working as a general practitioner in Tasmania, there are several pathways to obtaining medical registration. To ensure that you choose the correct pathway, we invite you to submit your CV to the HR+ recruitment team at recruitment@hrplus.com.auand one of our staff will contact you to provide advice on the most suitable pathway for you. 

Australian graduates

If you are an Australian graduate, the choices are simple. If you are a vocationally recognised GP, you are able to practise anywhere of your choosing. To find out about positions in Tasmania, contact the HR+ recruitment team and we will assist you and your family find a location that meets your needs. You can email us at recruitment@hrplustas.com.au or phone us on 03 6332 8600. 

Non-vocationally recognised Australian graduates

Non-vocationally recognised Australian graduates may be eligible to work in general practice on the Rural Locum Relief Program in rural areas of Tasmania.  Please submit your CV to recruitment@hrplustas.com.au and one of our recruitment team will contact you directly to discuss your options.

Doctors trained outside Australia

Doctors trained outside Australia will need to work in parts of the country which the Australian Government has identified as having insufficient numbers of GPs. These areas are known as Districts of Workforce Shortage (DWS). There are a number of pathways to registration, however, the common factors in each of these pathways are:

  • You must be eligible to hold a relevant working visa for immigration purposes
  • You must be eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • You must be eligible to access Medicare
  • You must have an offer of employment. 

The process can be complicated and seem overwhelming at times, however the team at HR+  can guide you through the requirements. We are keen to ensure that you and your family find a Tasmanian community where you can settle into - both professionally and socially - and we will provide you with the information that will assist you in making that choice.

Email us at recruitment@hrplustas.com.au and let us know what you and your family are looking for. Please include your CV as this makes it easier for us to advise you of the most suitable pathway to registration.