• Work Type: Permanent
  • Job ID #: 1260
  • DWS: Yes
  • Area of Need: No
  • RA Classification: 3
  • Moratorium Period: 7 years

The position

Oatlands Surgery is looking for a permanent part-time vocationally recognised GP with no restrictions to ease the workload of this busy practice for two days per week.  As the practice is usually only staffed by one doctor at any one time, you must have strong rural skills (including emergency) and be able to work independently. 

The GPs handle their own chronic disease management and refer to the community health services or visiting specialists.

Unique in Tasmania, the practice has its own ambulance which is staffed by the doctors and nurses in the practice and volunteers.  Participation in the on-call roster would be shared equally at one weekend in three and credentialing with the Department of Health and Human Services would be required.

The practice sees its strengths as being able to provide continuity of care and having a stable patient population, which is almost exclusively rural.

The practice

Oatlands Surgery is situated in the pretty rural town of Oatlands in the heart of Tasmania, just over an hour north of Hobart and slightly further to Launceston.

The practice is privately owned, and operates within the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre.  It  is currently staffed by three GPs whose efforts combine to ensure that there is always one doctor in the practice when it is open and ensuring that on call services are provided 24/7. 

The township of Oatlands has a population of just under 900, however additional patients come from the broader rural area.

The practice also provides 24/7 VMO support for the local hospital located in the modern, collocated Multi-purpose Centre, with 4 acute care beds, 9 high care beds and 9 residential aged care beds.

The Centre also coordinates the delivery of a range of community services, visiting services and community groups such as Community Nursing, Child Health, Disability Services and Diabetic Education Services.  Allied health services comprise physiotherapy and social work on an outreach basis, podiatry, and mental health services.   A range of visiting specialists are offered at the Centre.

University of Tasmania medical students find placements at Oatlands a very rewarding and educational experience.  The practice is currently exploring options to host GP Registrars undertaking an extended skills post.

Opening Hours

Weekend on call: starts Friday from 5pm and ends Monday at 8am. 

Saturday and Sunday: 9am - 11am open clinics at Oatlands, 3pm - 5pm at Campbell Town 

What’s on offer?

Oatlands Surgery offers excellent earning potential for a new doctor.

  • % of billings based
  • On-call allowance
  • Rural Medical Practitioner payments