About the Program

Our purpose is to develop general practice capacity in Tasmania by getting to know GP registrars individually.  This allows us to best support you and, with our excellent first-hand knowledge of many medical practices, to help you find the perfect career match.  We also have a range of services to help you transition from registrar to GP fellowship.

The program is run in collaboration with General Practice Training Tasmania.

Getting to know you

We like to meet GP registrars in the early part of their training so that we are aware of where you might like to work in the future.  Visits take about 20 minutes - of course you are welcome to contact us at any time.

We appreciate that, as time goes on, your initial decisions may be impacted by your training experience, where you work and changing family circumstances, and for this reason we follow up with a further visit as you are approaching the end of your training.

We do encourage you to make the time to see us so that you can get the most out of our tailored services.  You might be surprised how we can help you!


HR+ offers a range of human resource services and materials to training practices and registrars.  The main ones for registrars comprise:

  • Advice on contracts
         - what it means for you when you become a contractor
         - contracting specifics
  • GP small business training
  • Advice on 10 Year Moratorium and BMP & MRBS return of service obligations
  • Vacancy watch
  • Personalised site visits when you are considering options for your next practice
  • Grant information and eligibility
  • Short-term locum placements

We want to help you, even if it’s a simple question, so please feel free to call us.  We also invite you to browse our curated list of links and resources.

Contact the recruitment team on 03 6332 8600 or email registrar@hrplustas.com.au if you would like further information on the support we can offer to Tasmanian GP registrars.