Practice Managers Conference 2022 - Statewide

For Practices

  • Date: Thursday, 23 June 2022 8:30am - Friday, 24 June 2022 2:30pm
  • Location: The Tramsheds Function Centre
  • Cost: $180 (inc GST)

HR+ and Primary Health Tasmania are excited to be co-hosting the Practice Managers Conference 2022.

In a world full of conflicting priorities, increasing barriers to connection, endless to-do lists and unrelenting expectations, it becomes easy to view true, influential leadership as something that exists outside of ourselves.
Sometimes the demands of leading a practice can become overwhelming and by understanding your capacity can make a world of difference to you as a leader.

We will focus on working ‘smarter’ rather than ‘harder’ and provide some simple strategies that will save time and energy to focus on other things that really matter.

Our brains are hard-wired to categorise people, putting people into boxes is our natural tendency as humans. But it’s putting people into boxes that reduces them into labels, that limits our abilities to see them as much more than a label, and that limits our abilities to learn and grow as individuals. Through training and education, we hope to clarify these myths and misconceptions and provide guidance on appropriate behaviour to create more inclusive spaces for all.


Nannette Shaw
Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist

Judith Rose Thomas
Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist
Johanna Parker
Confidence Coach | Heart Sparks

Kirralea Walkerden
Organisational Coach | The Real Learning Experience

Sharon Corvinus-Jones
CEO, CORES | Kentish Regional Clinic

Jenny Simms
Practice Support | HR+

Danny Haydon
Principal Health Div | Brentnalls SA

Robyn Rose
Training Network Coordinator | ACRRM


We recommend staying at Hotel Verge Launceston. To reserve your accommodation, phone 03 6310 8100 OR email


We recommend parking on Invermay Road (Inveresk): $4 per day 

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Conference Dinner

Please note: that the Conference Dinner will now be held at the Tramsheds Function Centre on Thursday 23rd June from 6:00pm. This is included in the ticket registration.


Registrations close 09 June 2022
Registrations close 09 June 2022