(POSTPONED) Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Difficult People workshop

For Practices

  • Location: Bicheno Memorial Hall, Burgess Street, Bicheno TAS
  • Cost: Free

Please note - This workshop date is no longer proceeding and another date will be announced shortly.

Join us for a free 4 hour 'Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Difficult People' workshop tailored for Medical Practice staff (Practice Managers, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Pharmacists, Receptionists), Librarians, Council Workers, plus more. This workshop is recommended for all those in public-facing roles.

Let’s face it, your jobs are already stressful! It almost seems unfair to add on the need to know how to respond to aggressive and challenging people, clients and customers to your already full plate.
Others' verbal, physical and emotional aggression is becoming more and more commonly witnessed and experienced by professionals in public-facing roles across all sectors. Managing difficult people and navigating conflict resolution is key to successful and sustainable outcomes for community, staff and sectoral wellbeing.

Whether manifesting as a sign of customer frustration, a symptom of illness or a learned coping strategy,
knowing how to purposefully and consciously recognise and respond to all forms of aggression while maintaining safety, respecting and supporting those involved and ensuring quality outcomes can be challenging.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Identify what makes a situation or a patient professionally challenging to a practice, centre or community setting
  • Implement proven strategies to de-escalate challenging situations quickly and efficiently
  • Understand how to successfully juggle staff safety and customer/patient wellbeing during times of conflict or aggression
  • Have difficult conversations confidently and clearly while maintaining relationships
  • Troubleshoot real-time issues relating to conflict in your work environment


Johanna Parker
Confidence Coach | Heart Sparks

Johanna Parker is an award-winning Australian-based confidence and public speaking coach, international speaker and facilitator, personal leadership maven, educator, strategist, communication expert and the founder of Heart Sparks (, where, through a unique combination of heart, strategy and healing, she passionately supports both adults and adolescents worldwide to master their mindset, ignite their voice, enhance workplace strategy and build sustainable, meaningful lives and communities.

With an extensive professional background in social work, crisis intervention, mental health response, counselling, leadership, people management, organisational development and project work for systemic change prior to her life work as a coach and speaker, Jo passionately supports her clients and audiences to align their head and their heart with deeper conviction.


Registration has closed. A new workshop date will be announced soon.