COVID Recovery Heroes

a small gesture of thanks for our heroes throughout the coronavirus pandemic

COVID Recovery Heroes

a small gesture of thanks for our heroes throughout the coronavirus pandemic

Join us each week in reading the stories of our COVID Recovery Heroes

These are the people that we believe have gone above and beyond throughout the COVID pandemic by contributing to their communities in any way, shape or form. We'd like to thank each COVID Recovery Hero with a $100 gift voucher of their choosing as we celebrate their kindness.

Nick Hansson

Launceston Church Grammar School - 3D Visor Initiative

A global challenge in the fight against COVID-19 was the shortage of personal protective equipment, particularly for health professionals.

In response to this need the Head of Technology at Launceston Grammar School, Nick Hansson, his wife Linda and colleague Willem van den Bosch began to develop a prototype for a visor which could be used in Tasmanian hospitals. Feedback on the prototype was received from health professionals, including local Specialist Anaesthetists Drs Christopher Reid and Martin Russnak, with production being undertaken using the Launceston Grammar School’s three 3D printers.
These were distributed to Health professionals to use whilst there was a shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick has asked that a donation be made to New Horizons, an organisation that provides sport, recreation and social opportunities for Tasmanians with disability. New Horizons plays a vital role in building truly inclusive communities. What an extremely kind gesture and thank you for being a true COVID Recovery Hero!

We'd like to send our "virtual standing ovation" over to you and your team for all your hard work and contribution supporting your local community.

Craig Gibson

Launceston Basketball Association

The Launceston Covid Testing Centre was initially based at Elphin Sports Centre and meant to be in place until September this year. Due to the lack of other available basketball facilities this meant that basketball was unable to resume after the restrictions had lifted. Basketball had resumed in other regions of the state, but was unable to resume in the region with the largest basketball association - Launceston. The inability to play was affecting approximately 3000 members and Craig worked extensively with the state and local government organisations to find an alternative location for the testing centre to enable basketball to resume. Basketball recommenced at the end of July and the use of Elphin Sports Centre has also given other sports such as futsal and badminton access to the facility again.

Craig has asked for a $100 Cube Coffee voucher, which will support another local business that felt the effects of COVID-19. That's what we like to call a COVID Recovery Hero!

Thank you for all your hard work and contribution in supporting your local community.

Barb Walters

South Launceston Junior Football Club

During the lock down period, Barb worked tirelessly to lead a small team to create three "Live from the Kennel Broadcasts" for the junior footballers. The broadcast was shared on Facebook live for the whole football community to enjoy and virtually engage with others from their football club. The broadcast included fantasy football, trivia competitions, interviews and updates from the club. Senior players were given the opportunity to interview their junior players and collaborate together, providing an opportunity to remain involved and feel supported. A great deal of time and effort was involved to create the 30-45 minute broadcasts to keep the players engaged and motivated during a difficult time and a period of uncertainty.

Barb was extremely grateful for her nomination and has asked for a $100 restaurant voucher to take the team out for dinner! We couldn't think of a nicer way to celebrate.

Your time and effort does not go unnoticed. Well done for being a COVID Recovery Hero!

Jerome Muir-Wilson

Tassie Face Mask Project

As well as Bronwin, our previous COVID Recovery Hero, Jerome has also been part of the creation of the Tassie Face Mask Project, a volunteer run, community initiative intended to increase the number of surgical grade face masks in clinical areas. These are donated, washed cloth masks for patients to wear if they present with a cough, who are not suspected to have Coronavirus. Through the generous support of local pharmacies and other Launceston based businesses they have set up a system which they aim to duplicate around Tasmania and in other towns and cities around Australia.

Jerome has asked for a $100 gift voucher from Winflo to reinvest in the production of the Tassie face masks. Another great reason why Jerome is a COVID Recovery Hero!

Thank you for your dedication during some truly challenging times and for your ongoing contribution towards a wonderful initiative!

Bronwin Ballantyne

Tassie Face Mask Project

Bronwin, her husband Dr John Ballantyne and Dr Jerome Muir-Wilson started the Tassie Face Mask Project due to a severe lack of PPE supplies available during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose is for doctors and nurses at GP clinics, to distribute cloth face masks rather than surgical masks. They can be washed and reused by the patient using care instructions provided on the packaging. Masks are freely available for any organisation in need, including GP clinics, pharmacies, aged and disability residential and community care facilities. The sewing of masks and coming together in Facebook groups and via email has proven to be a great way for the community to have a sense of purpose during isolation. The sewing community is coming together “virtually” to support each other during this difficult time.

Bronwin has asked for a $100 gift voucher from Spotlight to reinvest in the production of the Tassie face masks. That's what we like to call a COVID Recovery Hero!

Thank you for all your hard work and contribution towards a wonderful initiative!